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I’m Daniel Ng, a Digital Project Manager based in Melbourne.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations like IBM, Telstra, AMP, Australia Post and the City of Melbourne. I’ve managed and delivered projects ranging from large digital transformations and complex data migrations, all the way down to micro single-page websites.

Along the way, I’ve founded and co-founded some start-ups. And in my spare time, I design stuff - creating brand identities, websites and print collateral for small businesses.


I'm a bit different

So what makes me a different sort of Digital PM?

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Diverse experience

Beyond my primary focus of project management, I’ve also performed in roles across many other fields in digital and IT through the lifecycle as a Business Analyst, UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Developer, Tester, Release Manager, Production Support and Program Manager.

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Start-up attitude 

Alongside my career, I’ve been the Founder and Co-Founder of several start-ups. Some are still thriving and some are, well, enlightening memories! I bring the same hustle and bootstrap mindset to solving problems and initiating change in any project I'm involved with.

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Obsession with v2.0

I can’t stay still. I always seek ways to improve things – making a process easier, a workflow more automated, or a product feature more effective – an enhanced version 2.0 to everything. For me, this is a deeply personal way of thinking embedded in everything I do.