Black Ink Design Logo

Black Ink Design is a small and nimble collective based in Melbourne, driven by a common love of all things design.

We believe that design is creativity with strategy and purpose.

With that mantra in mind, we deliver creative solutions for:

  • Brand - Brand identity and logo design
  • Digital - Websites and mobile
  • Print - Business cards, brochures and other paraphernalia

Brand and Logo Design

Brand identity defines who you are and how people perceive you. People fall in love with brands, and can trust them fanatically.

The logo plays a pivotal role in shaping a strong brand. One that is meaningful, unique and memorable. Black Ink Design have created brands for many sectors that communicate different ideas and attitudes.

Food and Drink



Technology and Services


Digital is everywhere. Glaring at you on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and wrist. These are critical channels through which to engage your customers. Connect with them, relate with them and build an experience for them online.

Black Ink Design has created customer experiences in many sectors that fulfil different business objectives and serve the customer in different ways.

Food and Entertainment



Technology and Services


Throughout ever-evolving technological advances, nothing can replace that real, tactile engagement with your customer: Print.

Business cards, brochures, letterheads - media that you can feel, touch and hold with you. A traditional staple and, depending on your market, a uniquely personal channel or a real-world extension of your digital presence.